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Make: Evinrude
Horse Power: 40 HP
Model: 2010-2021
Condition: New/Used


EVINRUDE-40-HP-E40DGTL-outboardshome The hardest part about having a boat is

keeping the engine running. The hassle, the expense, the waiting. That’s why outboardshome

engines put a big list of routine maintenance items where they belong. In the history books.

It’s pretty simple. Where would you rather be? In for service? Or out on the water?

easy MAINTENANCE schedule

EVINRUDE-40-HP-E40DGTL-outboardshome You’ll find it’s easy to own a Sea-Doo,

with minimal dealer maintenance requirements from the time you take your outboard home.

From design to production, they make great use of cutting edge technology and advance materials to create products that give you the best performance, durability and value.


Whether you’re looking to save time and money, or just want to get more use out of your motor, a Seadoo Spark Plug is the perfect choice. Design for simplicity and ease-of-use, our plug is one of the few designs that can be changed on the water. Plus, with less parts than most four-stroke engines, bigger savings are in store!


The E-CAL multi-point auto lube system is a game-changer for those who want to prevent oil and gas mixing. This system ensures that oil is metered directly to critical engine points, preventing any oil from escaping into the environment. The combustion process ensures that only the precise amount required is used, eliminating the need for oil changes.

In addition, the advance iridium plugs used in this engine are design to last longer and provide a more efficient spark. With 3-year, 300-hour spark plugs, you can enjoy more hours between plugs and.Lastly auto a convenient way to prepare your engine for winter without to go to the dealer. This easy process takes less than four minutes, giving you more time on the water. Overall, the E-CAL system and other features of this engine make it a reliable and efficient choice for any boater.


The goal of power and performance in this engine is to beat everything on the water in terms of speed, torque, and fuel efficiency. With instant throttle response, you get hair-trigger response and the perfect fuel mix delivered directly to the combustion chamber.

The engine management system makes over 8 million calculations per second, ensuring that you get the precise amount of fuel you need at any given rpm, resulting in less fuel consumption.

This engine also provides high torque and horsepower, thanks to the natural two-stroke advantage combine with the super-natural fuel-injection and combustion system.

Additionally, this engine is design to be lightweight, providing better control and handling. You can get on plane faster and with less bow rise, allowing you to see the open water in front of you. Overall, this engine is a powerful and efficient choice for any boater looking to beat the competition on the water.


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